Poll: Guys-If you were speed dating and I presented you with descriptions of some very different women-- which would you be most interested in dating?

Well guys? Which one, if any, would you consider dating:
**Note: this question has been asked before but with some changes to see if the reactions will differ, etc**

Woman 1:
Short (4'11"), slim/athletic build, 25 years old.
Completed her bachelors.
Currently a waitress, zumba instructor, and chasing her dream of becoming a famous singer.
Is into singing, dancing, spirituality, heath, fitness, and travelling.
She 'cusses like a sailor' and believes life should be lived in the moment.

Woman 2:
Medium height (5'5'), curvaceous/hour glass build, 21 years old.
Completing a triple major.
Currently a pre-law student, published author, national speaker, and chasing her dream of becoming an attorney.
Is into writing, reading, engaging in stimulating conversation, painting, social justice, and empowerment.
She is slightly naive and believes one should 'work hard, play hard'.

Woman 3:
Medium height (5'7"), slim with slight curves, 22 years old.
Completing a double major.
Currently a business student, horse back rider, and chasing her dream of working in the equine industry.
Is into horse back riding, fashion, engaging in witty conversations, dancing, and reading.
She is mild tempered and easy-going but is dedicated and 'works hard to get the job done'.

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  • Woman 2
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  • Woman 3
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  • None of them sound like someone I would date.
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  • All of them sound like people I would consider dating.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Would be open to dating number 3. Definitely would not date number 1 or number 2.

    'Spirituality' is code for pseudoscience. 'Living in the moment' is a self-destructive attitude. Swearing constantly is not attractive.

    'Social justice' is injustice. 'Empowerment' is code for whining and complaining about the white, cis, hetero patriarchy, as opposed to real empowerment, which comes from applying one's faculty of reason to improve one's own life.

    Woman three sounds very attractive, by contrast, and, from what you've listed, has no faults.


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  • Still #2.

    "She is mild tempered and easy-going but is dedicated and 'works hard to get the job done," from #3 sounds perfect, but aside from reading her interests do nothing for me at all.

  • If you add a few years to 2, get her out of school and into the real world, she's the most appealing.

    As described, not very realistic for a 21 year old pre law still in school to be a published author and national speaker. That would come later in life, and is appealing as a life goal.

    The "interests section" of number 2 is what would draw me in.

  • i love curves and all.. but, curves don't talk back..
    and the fact that women #3 is slightly/mild tempered and easy going makes me want to date her. i'm easy going and calm myself, which might be a good match in the end.

  • 2 and 1, it's hard to determine by those descriptions and not actually seeing the person so...

  • I'd pick woman 3 because she's the only one thatits my type physically and she has a pretty similar personality to me

  • Well I choose the Asker again. thanks for the XP ! #3 sounds ok...

  • 2

    Although none of them is exactly what I would be looking for...
    but 2 close to...

  • No 2 and 3

  • I love curves and hourglass figures!

  • The one who eats the most bananas

  • 1. (But without singing or dancing).

  • I chose #2 but I don't like the fact of the whole empowerment thing. That's a turnoff for me, but everything else was right on the money.

  • I'd pass on Woman 1 if she cursed like a sailor. The other two sound interesting.


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