If he liked me once, can he like me again?

I've known this guy since kindergarten. We used to talk quite a bit all throughout elementary school and hung out during recess occasionally. I know he liked me in elementary school. He talked about me to his family when he got home, and told my friends.

Since middle schoo started, we didn't talk as much. Sometimes we will be at the same party outside of school and we will talk a lot. It is so comfortable talking to him. Because we've known eachother for such a long time, there is no pressure, awkwardness, or fear of judgement talking to him. I really like him and miss how it was in elementary school.

Any advice?


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  • Sounds like a stable relationship to me. If your ready to take things to the next level the direct approach is best, but you might want to make sure he is not in a serious relationship already. Other than that I'm pretty sure that he feels the same way you do by now.


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  • i think you can still make him like you just tell him how you feel... so you wouldn't fall inlove before telling him cause he might not like you back


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