Long distance help? He has been acting really distant lately.

Okay so im dating this guy and we have great chemistry and you can tell we both really like eachother. Its a long distance thing.. he is in Connecticut and im in New York. Well last weekend he came up to see his family and me and i spent the night with him. It was great. We were all mushy towards eachother and it was just an amazing feeling. Then the Sunday he was leaving he told me loved me and said he meant it. Then Monday happened. His family and i used to be close but ever since i started dating their son they have been trying to break us up and i think its getting to him. He told me that he was going to tell them that he was choosing me over them and was going to tell them when they came down to visit.. this was Monday. So far he hasn't talked to them eveb though they are at his house. then this morning he tells me he is coming up again next weekend to go fishing with his buddy so i asked him if i was going to see him and he said prolly not... this is all prolly confusing but I've been told ges a player by a number if his family but so far he has contradicted it. He has been acting really distant lately and im wondering if im bugging him too much or if long distance has something to do with this. I've been really hurt by guys in the past and i seem to attract the player types.. im new at the long distance thing.. any advice?
Sorry if this doesn't make sense!! Its hard to put what your feeling down ya know!!!


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  • well, i have been through long distance relationship.. we had problems.. timing issue, busy, work, and other stuff preventing us from communicating but love is love, we used to solve our problems in next morning after a night argument fight. i used to tell her "talk to me even if you had fight with me because you know i love you" and that what kept us together for 4 years.. I love her and she still my love but sometimes people change with time according to the circumstances.. do not worry your ok and keep talk to him till you get to the point which decides the relationship direction. but i wish you stop chasing player boys bc you will never catch one of them.

    • Its not that i chase player boys.. but for some reason they are attracted to me its really weird. But when my guy said he was coming up nxt weekend and prolly wasn't going to see me even tho im like five minutes away thats not a bad sign right? I mean he's going fishing with his buddies sooo.. im overreacting right?

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    • Okay and if he doesn't see me than thats okay right?

    • No thats not ok.. you are treasuring yourself by yourself.. you should be with someone who fight to see you.. make excuses to steal you from your everyone else.. wait an effort that proves he is realy loving you.. donot throw yourself, just wait.. and if he misses you or not.

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