He didn't reply to my hook up text?

He and I have a little history. We dated, I ended it. We hung out a few times as friends, lots of time in between. This time when we hung out we hooked up. Once at night, once in the morning. He had invited me to say over and we cuddled.

I waited a day and then texted him for a round two hook up sometime. I said something like, "hey, the other night was fun, want to kick my chair again sometime? ;)." To explain, he was kicking my chair at the bar and I jokingly said, "are you kicking my chair," (it was very intentional). And he flirtily said back, "if you're lucky I'll kick your chair."

I wasn't stressed when I didn't hear back from him right away because he works at a bar, but now it's the next morning and I still don't have a message from him. How long until I should give up having a round two?

(I do like him, but I don't know about a relationship right now so I'm okay with just hooking up with him. This was also not the first time we ever had sex).


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  • Sounds like you weren't lucky. lol


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  • Wait for a while, I'm sure he'll text back. Maybe he's busy (or he's hooking up with another girl so he'll feel awkward messaging you)


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