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This guy ended it with me because he told me I was weak and he couldn't give me what I needed. I was embarrassed. He told me he found me irritable as well. I do battle depression. I tried to talk to him after that if I was irritable it was because my mom was waiting for test results. He ignored me. Being ignored triggered past feelings I had. I was sort of with a guy who emotionally abused me. He would ignore me and tell me I wasn't good enough. I started having panic attacks and lashing out at this guy. I would quickly apologize. He then dated my friend 3 months later. They both told me I ruined things because of my anxiety. I was heartbroken. He told me I couldn't be trusted and he wasn't ready to be my friend yet. How can I fix this? Would you guys forgive me?
Any more advice?


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  • 1. It is almost always a mistake to try to return to a failed relationship from the past. I know because I married one and got divorced two years later.

    2. You can't be friends with someone who was previously a sexual partner unless there was a mutual understanding that you were doing friends with benefits only.

    3. Why did your best friend get with your ex? Doesn't that bother you?

    • He was still getting over his ex. We were only seeing each other. We didn't have sex yet. It was just intense heart to hearts. My so called friend ignored me for months and I could tell something was fishy. She has done this three times to friends

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