Help! Why do I not feel?

Before I start, I don't feel attracted to girls either.

I recently was asked out a date. I refused orginally because my mother told me never to 'go on a date' because I'm christian. She said a courtship was more acceptable. But he then meantioned a few people I knew were going so I agreed.

We spent four hours roller skating and it was so much fun to get to know those people better. After it was over, the guy who invited me gave me a hug. Now, since I'm from a christian home, I've been taught to avoid physical contact with the opposite sex because it could lead to unclean thoughts and desires. I didn't expearience those. Although I know he's very attractive, and he's fun, I didn't experience any unclean thoughts, desires, or the like.

Is there something wrong with me? Were my parents over exaggerating?


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  • Sometimes, people use Christianity as an excuse to avoid things that scare them. It is not uncommon for parents to use Christianity as an excuse to teach their children to be afraid of a sexual relationship. Most Christians will agree that the Bible condemns premarital sex but it doesn't tell us that we are sinners for having sexual needs and desires.

    Your parents have raised you to be inhibited in sexual matters. You will need to decide for yourself how you address this when you are living independently.


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