Guys, would you understand?

So I'm talking to this guy, we don't go to school together, but we go to the same church so we see each other twice a weekish and we text all the time. Whenever we are together I always have family that is directly in line with my parents. My Dad told me yesterday that if a guy texted me he would kill him. Obviously thats bad. We like each other and he's a bit odd, but thats why I like him.

I guess my question is, I have to keep this a secret, would you understand? Would you be mad?

He is probably gonna think that I don't want people to know when the truth is, if they know then it will be a Romeo and Juliet sorta thing. Halp please and thanks!


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  • If it was me:
    I wouldn't accept this situation unless, your father have no logical reason and I can not reason with him or persuade him "rationally" from his decision. Of course this includes that: I have to be a very good person with a clear view of our future life together.

  • Yes I'd understand. Something you might try is to introduce him to your father


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