Would you confront an ex cheated on you or is it not worth it?

My girlfriend who I was with about a year and half ago, we been together for two years she dumped me on facebook and blocked me I asked her why was she dumping me she didn't give me a reason she just acted cold and distant ignoring my phone calls and texts. So I decided to go on my dads facebook and have a look at her profile and guiss what the B**** is already in a new relationship a week later I fell into a deep deprssion feeling so crap, I wanted to confront her and tell her what a cheating little w*** she is and that she should just go lie down in hole and stay there.

Would you confront an ex who cheated on you or is it not worth it
This was ages ago but I really wanted to know what you guys would do if that happened to you.


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  • Not worth it. You should just forget her and move on. She's not worthy any of your time.


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  • Seriously not worth it , according to me.
    Get over her ASAP.
    You are going to get such shocks numerous times and that's the ugly truth of life.


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  • I confronted him and that's why he's my ex now... Just do it calmly with no name calling etc


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