Dating and how it happens , what is wrong and right?

Hello guys i am 19 and going to be 20 soon , the thing is i was a fat nerd during highschool years and girls didn't interest me but after graduation i worked on transforming myself into someone muscular and much more attractive but getting a girl started becoming my new problem, being someone who never dated or even talked to girls before was hard i spend a year and a half after highschool single not talking to girls or dating , i am a quite interesting person , smart, good body, good looking and lots of friends, car, job (at mall) ... etc but then it happened i met this coworker and i liked her a lot she was a year younger than me and i said i've got to have her i asked her out a few times and she did go out with me , never told her she was the first girl i ever interact with or get close to, she let me touch her body without any rejection , never got to kiss or bed her but i did manage to touch almost every area of her body , it took a lot of courage and planning on my side and the fact that she liked me ( she's pretty) played a big role in all that , it didn't work out between us but she has without knowing helped me improve my life , however i still have a problem... you see i dont have money so i dont go out a lot usually with friends and all the girls i see at malls or clothes stores are taken ( trust i've tried and asked) i just want to try my luck again and find a girl to love , i've talked to a lot of girls , joked, hugged and touched more than a dozen of which many are really pretty but i only kinda dated one , i want to use my new experience and get the girls i want but they're all taken I don't know where to start , every girl doesn't matter how attractive i set my eyes on ends up being taken, i am really being cool about this and just waiting for a single girl but its getting boring , I don't know where to start should i just wait a year until college starts? can i really impress people at my college by having talked to a lot of girls , barely dated one and never been kissed or had sex before?


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  • Well, I don't recommend that anyone use their first dating experiences to just feel a girl up, building an emotional connection and relationship tends to be a better route.

    To answer your question, you don't have to tell anyone how many people you have been with until/if you are ready to. However, seeing as you are a fellow member of the nerd culture, I have a blog for you that specifically helps guys just like you (no experience, nerd/once a nerd) to get the girl and be good at dating.

    Check it out, it has articles specifically about the topics you mentioned from a male nerd perspective.

    • didn't really mean to feel her up , i ended up doing it but it wasn't my goal not at the begging i really talked to her a lot and we kinda connected.

    • Either way, I don't recommend getting into sexual things before you know the person, but it's a personal thing. I do highly recommend the blog though for the specific issues you are facing.

    • thank you

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