Help with texting understanding?

I am texting this guy. During the weekend, he answers within a few hours, but during the week sometimes after 2 days only, ... but always very long texts and sends pics of what he is doing or of little insider jokes. He answers all my questions, but asks less and less about me. Whenever I decide to delete him, and think "stay away"... he writes again really nice long answers...

What do u think that means? I guess loosing interest or just doesn't know what to write? contacting me as an ego-boost and back-up? His friend told me, he is a very bad communicator...
I also always wait with my answers for some hours, up to a day, and I have the impression its a game between us, of who takes longer to respond :-( ...


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  • The thing is, guys don't think this much about when they text. I would personally say he is losing interest with you, and maybe you should try making more engaging and fun conversations, and if he still acts this way, I'd find a few texting buddy :)


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