Are women attracted to guys with honor?

do them bitches dig honorable guys?


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  • *shakes head*

    I am attracted to honorable men. He's the perfect example of it.
    I think many men can use him as an example/role model of what to be (not physically... though that would be nice).
    He's courageous, respectful, honorable, beautiful, loyal, honesty...

    • is that tony stark?

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    • MARCUS!!!

      #GearsOfWar 😆

      Although... How was he honour able?

    • @Asker

      I thought you were being sarcastic because to me, they don't look alike at all (Marcus and Tony).

      @QooLipBite: I've read all of the novels so I kind of have a little insight into his mind, I think. He did abandon his comrades to save his father (which can be debated), but he is always willing to take the risk for people and put himself in harm's way.

      He stands up for what's right (again debated) and he never seems to "waver" from his duty. I mean, he was going to ALLOW himself to be executed after abandoning his team to save his father and he ACCEPTED his fate.

      To me that's honorable.

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