Should I text him?

Well, haven't seen him for almost 3 weeks after the second date. I sent him a message 2 weeks ago, no reply back, then after several days I asked him if he was ok and should I delete your # since the no message back behavior ( I know guys have plenty of excuses or reasons for not replying, like busy, but busy will never be a proper excuse for doing that... In fact, main one could be dislike or lose interest.. I don't wanna keep contacting sb who doesn't care for me or like me) He said "sorry, I m busy over the weekend, blah, blah, blah.." I was pretty unhappy with the busy excuse, but I still played it cool "ok, sure"

He text me again after a week, started with"Hi!', I replied him 4 hours later.

He:" how have you been?"
Me:" Pretty good^^ thx"
He:" Glad to hear it, I ve been very busy. And I made plans over the weekend. I'm sorry I haven't messages you"
Me:"Understand, that's ok:) take care of urself"
He:"The plans were with my roommate from college:P"
Me:"Really, ha, wish u guys had good time^^"
He:"We did, lots of goofing off and watching movies"
Me:" Yea, sounds like my weekend"
He:"Hope you had fun too"
Me:"Thanks ***! we did^_~"
He,:“Glad to hear it:)"
Me:"well, lovely hear from you, good night><"
He:"You too, good night"

3 days past, no message from him. I like him, but I just don't wanna be clingy or needy. Do you think he is giving up on me, coz I think I maybe a little cold.. people who care most get hurt badly and easily.. I pretend I even don't care about him although I really do. Could you tell me how to handle this, text him or wait, also what should I text? just hello? thanks!
  • He may think you lose interest on him, text him, he is waiting..
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  • You don't need to do the contact thing, he ll message again if he cares
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  • Not easy to tell, pray for you guys
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like he's not all that interested, but still interested enough to keep your number in his phone for the next time he's got some extra time kickin around...

    If you like him, and he asks you to hang out again, then sure go out with him again - maybe you guys will hit it off a little more and he'll start to like you more... but don't get too excited about it.

    • Thanks Sara, I don't know. I didn't show too much interest when I were with him, once he tried holding hand and kissing on the lips, I declined... He asked me four times" Did you enjoy the time with me?" I maybe alittle cold on him.. so not sure if it's my problem. I ve already deleted his #, I m not gonna expect another message from him, still many fishes in the ocean :)

    • Oh, well it does sound like you may have come off a little cold then, with what you've just added... I think you should ask him when he wants to hang out again - that way you are showing genuine interest, rather than just coming off as perhaps just being polite.

    • Thanks Sara!

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What Guys Said 2

  • If you like him. Message him. Otherwise you'll just wander, What if? If he ignores you or isn't interested. It may be upsetting but at least you can move on. That's better than not knowing where you are with him at all.

    • Thanks LokiOfEngland^^ I m very bad at starting a convo, and I m thinking he may enjoy the mind games, if I text first, he may do that again in the very near future, I hate to be controlled lol

    • Just ask him if he wants to meet up sometime soon.

  • no dont do it


What Girls Said 2

  • Try again and if he does the same thing I think he lost interest

  • You should let him message you first.


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