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Should I text him?

Well, haven't seen him for almost 3 weeks after the second date. I sent him a message 2 weeks ago, no reply back, then after several days I asked him if he was ok and should I delete your # since the no message back behavior ( I know guys have plenty of excuses or reasons for not replying, like busy, but busy will never be a proper excuse for doing that... In fact, main one could be dislike or lose interest.. I don't wanna keep contacting sb who doesn't care for me or like me) He said "sorry, I m busy over the weekend, blah, blah, blah.." I was pretty unhappy with the busy excuse, but I still played it cool "ok, sure"

He text me again after a week, started with"Hi!', I replied him 4 hours later.

He:" how have you been?"
Me:" Pretty good^^ thx"
He:" Glad to hear it, I ve been very busy. And I made plans over the weekend. I'm sorry I haven't messages you"
Me:"Understand, that's ok:) take care of urself"
He:"The plans were with my roommate from college:P"
Me:"Really, ha, wish u guys had good time^^"
He:"We did, lots of goofing off and watching movies"
Me:" Yea, sounds like my weekend"
He:"Hope you had fun too"
Me:"Thanks ***! we did^_~"
He,:“Glad to hear it:)"
Me:"well, lovely hear from you, good night><"
He:"You too, good night"

3 days past, no message from him. I like him, but I just don't wanna be clingy or needy. Do you think he is giving up on me, coz I think I maybe a little cold.. people who care most get hurt badly and easily.. I pretend I even don't care about him although I really do. Could you tell me how to handle this, text him or wait, also what should I text? just hello? thanks!
He may think you lose interest on him, text him, he is waiting..
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You don't need to do the contact thing, he ll message again if he cares
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Not easy to tell, pray for you guys
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Should I text him?
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