Analyze my situation. cute guy likes me back?

So I was sitting in the band room at last period and this certain guy I find to be pretty cute just so happened to be spending a free period in there for band pics. I started up a conversation with him and just asked him general questions about him and his twin brother because I was curious about their whom twin connection. He talked a lot and we kinda made fun of his brother together lol and spent the entire class period talking. a long the way he may or may not have mentioned he could do 60 push-ups straight and showed me pictures and a video off his instagram page if him runningXD he also asked me if I was on the dance team cause he didn't see me perform at the spring concert at our school and if I was in chorus (he knew I was working backstage at the concert and that I'm also in band XD) soooo good signs? I shook his hand before I left the room alsoXD


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