What's going on with my FWB? (met in November, didn't sleep w/each other until March only slept together a total of 4 times) So confused?

Stayed w/ him last Friday until Saturday afternoon, then left after2 hrs. he calls me & wants me to come back (couldn't) then at night calls me drunk & says he wants to hold me in his arms as I fall asleep and how badly he wanted to see me. The next day he asked me to church w/ him & he kept asking me to stay and I was only there for 30 Min and he said I didn't ask you over here just for 30 min for you to leave why don't you want to stay? I was like I just don't want to be here and he kept asking why and I said I just don't... I tried to play it off and said I had some work I needed to do before the lunch meeting the next day and he was like just use your tablet or why can't you just use my laptop and stay here and spend the night? I said I'd rather go home and do it and that's when he was like you complain about us not spending more time with each other I'm trying to and you're trying to leave right now that's f*cked up" I was like what are you talking about I never complained about that (which was true) and then I left but came back because I got stuck in traffic lol... then later on I said "yea I just don't like you" (I was kind of joking but not, I was just frustrated with him) and he looked me shocked, understandably so, and then was like really? I just kind of didn't say anything. Any who he kept asking me to spend the night then he looked into my phone saw that my guy friend wanted me to come over and asked if I was going to see him. Said Probably then left. A week goes buy and he says he doesn't want me getting attached, wth? Friday he calls me drunk saying how he missed me, how it feels like we haven't seen each other in months and asked why haven't we talked in two weeks and wanted to know if I was with that guy that I mentioned above. Then he says "when you lay next to me it just feels right", "I just want to hold you in my arms as I fall asleep" (he said that drunk to me 2 weeks before too) "I just miss talking to you, I want to see where this goes with us.


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  • Great example of the illusion of friends with benefits with men. Unless a guy is a player, ever friends with benefits male will faal in love with his friends with benefits . We are constructed this way.

    • Then why tell me not to get attached?

    • Even players fall in love eventually. Anyway, I suspect that if for show - maybe he is not really a good guy and he knows it and wants to protect you, but, when the truth serum comes out and he's drunk, well,... there you go... that's how you know how he feels.

    • Well I got drunk... pretty much said I thought he was the one who was really attached so he put it off on me but that wasn't the case b/c I felt like we were both interested in each other and I wanted to where things go with us too..

      This morning he says "thanks for being honest I don't feel the same way sorry"...

      Honestly in shock...

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  • He could like your more than a friends with benefits now.


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  • Yeah he's come down with a bad case of the feelings. Hopefully they aren't contagious.

    • But then why did he say he didn't want me to get attached? The next morning he texted and then called me to see what he said and he pretty much took it back and said he said those to be an a**hole... so I guess he didn't mean it?

    • Probably because he's worried about getting attached. One of those "Oh shit what have I done" moments, maybe trying to drive a wedge to stop from slipping further.

      Remember, a drunk person is an honest person.

    • Hmm maybe you're right. Then why not just say something? Men are so complicated ugh lol

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