I feel really rushed to kiss my girlfriend...

This is my first legitimate girlfriend I ever had. We started dating 34 days ago, and I have yet to kiss her. Is this bad, I want to, but I haven't had only real 'alone' time with her yet, and its really hard to go places with her ( I'm a sophomore and she's a freshman in high school, and we both can't drive by ourselves).

People (many my dude friends) have asked me if I kissed her yet. I feel really rushed, and I want the kiss to mean something.

Is it bad, that I haven't kissed her yet, I feel rushed?


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  • if she's like me she wants the guy to initiate it. I would normally be too nervous to start the kiss unless it was like a spur of the moment and I had to do it. here are some tips.. if you are alone, and she doesn't say much, but is close to you. that is a good time. but anyway the movies is sooo cliche to kiss someone at, but it takes away all the pressure! 1.its dark. 2.there are random strangers, and somehow this makes it less nervous. 3. there is loud noise in the background. so this is a great time. ask her to the movies and you could kiss there.

    if there's somewhere cool you can walk to together, go. it doesn't require driving then. but if its the movies, just ask your parents to drive you. if they don't know about her, say its to meet some friends. or you can always go with the easy option of a friend who drives to drive you guys.

    i get how you feel rushed. when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend your friends are always like, come on, when are you guys gonna kiss? well why don't they kiss someone if they are that bold? haha they don't know what theyre saying. if it was them theyd feel rushed too.

    the bottom line is if you really like her and want to kiss, its time. a month or so isn't too long.

    good luck!


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  • Nah just go at your own pace, although generally once you kiss her it'll be hard to stop... its a good feeling (usually)

  • Go out to the park or something were its nice and quiet and go for it when it feels right

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