Guy just asked for my number... seeing someone, but not exclusive... what to say?

Right, so I'm seeing this great guy for 3 months now. Things are going really well but we haven't discussed weather we are seeing other people or not. Until now I haven't been but mostly because I haven't had the opportunity. However, I pretty much ignored my online profile the last 2 months so I haven't really been looking. He's actually curently on holiday so I haven't seen him im almost 2 weeks.

Tonight this nice man from my buliding who I see when walking my dog or as he's walking his struck up a conversation with me at a building sponsored art event. This isn't unusual he's always talkative and polite. Whne he asked if I wanted to get a drink sometime I froze. I had no idea what to say... technically I could say yes... but did I want to? I don't really know. So embarrassing.

I said I wasn't sure and he asked what that meant and I just hemmed and hawed and said I'd have to think about it... it was like a bad sitcom! He was sweet and said he realized the situation was slightly awkward with other people we know around and asked for my number so he could text me later. So I figured why not give it to him while I sort this out.

Really I'm not sure if I want to consider it I like the guy I'm seeing... I guess if I knew how the current guy felt about things I'd have a better idea, but I don't really know how casual he wants things to be (it just never came up before). I suppose I could ask but usually doesn't go well and he's out of the country until next week. Should I just tell the new guy the truth... I am kinda seeing someone (and it's not technically exclusive) so I just was really unsure what to say. If I were 100% single I would definitely have a drink with this man. I can't ignore him becasue I will see him again and I don't want things to be awkward... so is honesty the best policy here?


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  • Make up your mind and stick to it, don't send mixed signals and flirt with him only to go back to saying you're taken when he asks you out again or he'll think you're a flake.

    • True. If he does text me, I do not want to lead him on.

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  • i think so. Go with your gut feeling. Just... do what you think is right... or wrong! just do what you feel like doing


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  • Yes, you have it right. Be straight with him about your situation. Then sort out where you stand with your SO.

  • I think if you're seeing someone you should take yourself off the market, bit most people don't care.

    • Maybe that's why I'm torn... I don't know where to draw the line. It's not like he calls me his girlfriend and he could very well be dating others without my knowledge (and I couldn't be mad b/c we never said we were a couple officially).

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    • "I'll go off her sharpish" is an intersting phrase. I think I like it. Ty.

    • @Perpligued welcome! lol

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