Why do some black men hate white men with Asian women?

And they join with some Asian guys and white girls in the hate?


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  • I mean whatever who cares. As long as I get my own girlfriend I don't care who others are dating.

    • You're cute in a strange way but cute to me and I like your confidence and normal way you behave, you do not seem to be pretending to be someone else or bitter. Perhaps because you're not from US and you don't seem to care about race in the same way than other people.

    • Thanks anonymous lady... I'm pretty Americanized but not completely i guess.

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  • Why does any race hate any race?

    • Because they are bitter and are sad or they have pressure created by sad people to hate someone based in lies, generalization and hate.

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  • So I take it you are an Asian girl?

    I'm an Asian guy and I don't really care much about this topic. I think its over exaggerated and I really don't get why black men are upset - of all people! At the end of the day, we can only have one girlfriend or wife anyway, we only need that one girl to like us.

  • I have never heard about white guys and Asian girls being stigmatized when dating.

    • See the videos and you will understand the hatred of others.

    • So I wasn't gonna listen to that first guy talk he takes way to long to say what he wants to. But that first girl was whining about youtube comments from an older video. It's youtube of course there was going to be hateful comments on it. The most idiotic and most disturbing things ever said have been said on youtube. And the hatred you see on youtube doesn't even remotely look similar to what you see in reality.

  • Maybe I'm just living under a rock but I doubt most black guys care


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