I'm really dumb about guys, what should I do? guys please advise.

There is this guy, arturo, that I went to school with. I always had the hugest crush on him. Finally, we had a class together, we were friendly in class, but never hung out in real life. We had Facebooked a little, nothing that good. In August, I drunkenly text messaged him out of the blue and we had a good convo that lasted like 2 hours. Since then we have been texting back and forth, good long convos.

After school I moved out of state. I went back to visit and asked Arturo if he: a) would be around b) wanted to hang out. He said he thought he would be around and yeah, we could hang. Closer to the trip I go to make plans and he says he is sick, fine whatever. When I was visiting I had a get together at a bar, sent a casual text like hey we are here if you're interested, he was still sick. A week later I text and am like feeling better? This leads to a lack luster, boring convo. We have not texted since.

What should I do? To make things more interesting, I'm moving back to that city for work. Should I try one more time to text or forget about it? I'm really dumb about boys, so please advise...the last thing I want is to seem desperate.


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  • I'm old (35); so, the text thing really makes me crazy. I tolerate it; because, it become part of the rules. I'd rather have a telephone conversation.

    With that being said, I'd never text someone for two hours if I wasn't interested. Moreover, people do get sick. If the guy is worth it, text him; better yet call him. Break the mold; what do you have to lose? Guy's are simple don't over analyze.


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  • Desperate? Nahhhh...

    So, what to do?

    Contact him when you're all set up at the new place. Invite him over for, um, a drink.


  • tell him to stop being a wimp and man up sounds like he isn't interested overwise he would of being partying with you drunk and sick as f***!


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