What do you think about average or below average looking males and females only searching for good looking people to date?

And YES I KNOW beauty is the eye of the beholder. I am talking about males and females that are considered to be average or below average looking by a big portion of the population. Anyways I have seen some average or below average looking women's dating profiles on online dating sites in which they put''I am looking for a good looking guy, or''I am looking for my handsome prince.'' The latest one which I saw today was''I want a good looking successful guy.'' ''I have high expectations but I deserve them.''


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  • I think everybody has high expectations for their future partner but are they gonna get it? Probably not but I think it's good to put out who u want ideally because u don't want to be with someone your unhappy with

    • @GlassHeart true, but the thing is people have to be unrealistic too. One thing is for people to go after people in their own league and above their league, but only going after people above their league could be a disaster. They could get lucky but they would be single a super long time.

    • I think it's always good to try I understand what you mean by "leagues" but attraction isn't just based on the physical

    • @GlassHeart I never said it was and of course it is good to try but I said it is silly to only go after attractive people if you are not considered attractive by most people. What I am saying is when non attractive people make attractive an only option when they should just make it one option.

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  • Well, if we look into the animal kingdom, basic instincts
    and all those things, it's really obvious people would also do that.

    just like when you feel like eating something
    and you nitpick to find the best looking one. Right?

    But I do agree, that if you want something good
    you should also be taking "good" care of yourself.

    I mean, one should also meet
    ones own expectations. Yes? ^.^


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  • so basically the ones that know where they stand yet they shoot for the stars? i dont think anything of them, they should pursue what they desire.

  • I don't really have a problem with it. A lot of people are going to look for the best deal that they can get and if it pans out, more power to them.

    • It is unrealistic expectations my friend if you ONLY look for good looking people when you are not considered good looking by a big chunk of people.

    • I know that it's unrealistic, I was just saying more power to them if it pans out, haha.

      Honestly, I'd say that I'm maybe average looking at best. I try not to have unrealistic standards. But a lot of the time, the girls that most of my friends consider "hot" end up being interested in me over my more attractive friends.

      I'd be lying if I said that I didn't get a bit conditioned by it and maybe some people take situations like that out of context and severely overestimate their desirability to the point where they feel entitled to be with attractive people.

      That's not to say that I'd have any desire to be with people like that, but at least if they wear their entitlement on their sleeve you know who to avoid.

      I apologize for the length.

    • @404filenotfound that is different. If you notice many attractive women are into you go after them, but that is not the case for the huge majority of guys that are considered to be average or below average looking by a big chunk of people. It is the same case for women that are considered to be average or below average looking by a big chunk of people. The huge majority of them don't have many attractive men into them.

  • Because it's their life? Get a grip dude. People are allowed to pursue whatever path in the life they want.


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