Playing hot and cold with a man? Do you think what am doing it bad?

Do you think it's usually good. I do this with This guy at work. I just ignore him and whenever I do that he always acts obnoxious, but I ignore him anyways. When I ignore him, he just watches me. I just continue with what I'm doing and pay him no mind. But when he leaves he calms down and says bye to me. I just say bye in a serious voice and make intense eye contact with him. Then slightly smile. Then he just stands there for like 7 seconds all quiet and leaves.

Then others when he talks to me i talk to him a little and some a lot and I'm the one doing most of the taking


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  • I'm curious, could you ever actually respect a man who put up with your bs?

    • I would...

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    • ... and you didn't ever really like him very much to begin with, right?

    • I did...
      Or maybe I was just attracted to him

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  • Immature games attracts immature guys.

    Decent guys wouldn't even bother with you.

  • Yeah, I'd eliminate you from my life. As a coworker, the only time I would even acknowledge your existence would be for work related matters, when it was absolutely necessary. Not enough time in the day to deal with such pettiness.

    • Why not? When I'm nice I'm the nicest

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    • No one "deserves" another being or not.

      You agree to spend time together, and a man only agrees to that with someone he respects and who respects him back. The kind of "attention" you dish out is inherently disrespectful.

    • Hmmm
      Am I disturbed

  • What would you feel if a man does the exact same thing to you? your answer is the same as mine.

    • I would not care. I would just find another man and talk to him in front of him

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    • It could be good

    • I dont think so.
      The comments from other guys here says otherwise.

  • This is why girls frustrate me to no end

    • It turns on you on deep down

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    • Cuz I don't want him to suspect a lot. I don't want to look desperate nor show a lot of affection

    • You never answered me. You just changed the subject
      Have you ever done it

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  • It's bad. You are playing games with someone that probably likes you.


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