Guys, what does it mean when a guy you've been dating for a few months want to take a "rain check" when you ask him on a date?

i met this guy online and been dating for a few months. Asked him out and his respond was that he is swamped, perhaps a rain check. By the way, he hasn't contacted me for a week, and I kind a left him alone because I figured he wanted some space. What should I say back and has he lost interest?


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  • Something probably came up! Don't make a big deal out of this one time! If it continues, he probably lost interest...

    Good luck! I hope it's the first rather than the second!

    • It's the first time, he didn't suggest a time whatsover, and i just told him to let me know when he wants to meet up. Should I just leave it at that and wait or follow up in the next few days?

  • He probably lost interest. But even if he didn't, the ball is in his court. Let him do the contacting at this point.

    In the meantime, start dating other men, don't waste your time. If he contacts you, great, but don't wait around.


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