I fell for a guy on Tinder way too fast and I don't think he likes me back. What do you think? How do I move on?

So I matched with a guy on Tinder a little over a week ago. I was already drawn to him and I waited like 5 mins after we matched and he didn't message me so I messaged him. We got an ongoing conversation going and it's going well. He's asked me questions about myself and I do the same. But the thing is I only get a reply from him like once or twice a day. I'll admit this is my fault too because usually when I see he messaged me I don't respond for hours out of nervousness.

So yeah I have a feeling he doesn't like me nearly as much as I do (I fall way too hard too fast :/). I really wanna move things forward but I'm so scared to make any move and I feel like if he was into me he would've messaged me first and he'd message me more often. But sometimes I go to his profile and it says he hasn't been active for like 10 hrs or something so I don't know how to feel cause he might just be busy.

So my question is, do you think he likes me? If not, how do I get over him? :/



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  • Guys have a very well onown tinder strategy of liking every or most girljs. That way when a girl likes the guy he is in. This guy is busy messagng and meeting the other women who already have liked him and henis at a further stage with them or he finds them more interesting, easier or prettier. Simple really.


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  • Well I go with my gut feelings. You never know if he could be doing the same thing you're doing out of nervousness or he wants to play that hard to get thing or whatever. I'm sure he's not that busy lol

    If you really like him, ask him out for coffee or to hangout like a park or something. It doesn't hurt to give it a shoot. You might regret not taking a chance and you'll be left wondering what could have been.


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  • Why don't you invite him to hang out? I've got a lot of matches too but I never messaged first. Also, there can be a lot of reasons why people don't reply to messages fast.


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