If a guy makes and excuse not to go out with u, is he just not into u?

I don't know... Is there too many difficult factors?
His friend hates me. Will this influence his opinion of me?
Do I need to move on? Is this too much drama? His friend is a jerk!
Firstly, I asked him out and he said he would be keen later but not right now cos he just went through a messy breakup.

I work in hospitality and I met a friend of one of the managers... he was drinking with friends at the place I work at... He's a really nice guy and we clicked... He told Peter the manager that he was interested in me... And I got excited and added him on fb and we have been talking...

anyways the lther day pete sent me a weird message out of nowhere and I was mucking around in my replies thinking he would take it as a joke... I wish I'd never said anything!!!
He sent a message that said "hub" and as a joke I urban dictionaried it and sent him a message telling him I had and that it meant slut and I was like "fuck u."... Then I told him my ranga friend wants to challenge him to a "ginger off"... And he took it as a threat and got his friend to send me a message saying a friend had grabbed his phone as a joke and I shouldn't be so sensitive... But I was trying to be funny! And when I saw the manager at work I explained I was joking and he said, "you have blown it with my mate... He said that ur a head case."

so so soon after I started crying and he came and told me off again saying that he was joking... But it didn't feel like a joke...

im so upset! If I hadn't already blown it I have now... Cos he will tell his friend what happened tonight.. How is my chances with his friend any of his business anyway?

Can I change his mind to liking me again? Is the whole thing too hard? Is he not keen cos he kinds turned me down anyways... Am I waiting for nothing? Why do guys listen to their dumb friends anyway?
He is a shy guy tho...


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  • I'm pretty sure you've been asking about this guy for weeks... He's not that into you. And I think you might be a little off emotionally... It would probably be a good thing if you talked to a councilor or something. You're getting really upset over a guy who you barely know.


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