Why did the guy I went on a date with make the following comment?

I went on a date the other day and things went pretty good. We kissed towards the end of the night. I wasn't texting anyone and had hardly looked at my phone during the duration of the date, but as I was leaving around 2 am I glanced at my phone. The guy asked me who it was who had texted me and I said it was a friend. He then said "that's a bit late for a friend to be texting.."

Why would he make a comment like that?


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  • He's jealous and thinks it's another guy texting you

    • So he said it out of insecurity?

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    • No, it was a friend. I hadn't been glued to my phone or texting during the date. I only looked at it a couple of times during the stretch of 7 hours (to see if my mom had been texting etc)

    • I think he just figured 2am is late to be getting texts, and it is because it looks like a booty call. Even if it wasn't

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