How can I get over this?

i say i want to date white girls, to show brown girls how inferior they r, i also hate seeing brown girls with whtie guys !! i hate it why do these white men go with women and leave their beautiful whtie girls? also i even sometimes have a problem when brown girls go with other brown guys who r good looking !! so it's like I don't know how to feel my main purpose is for brown girls to know they r not beautiful and i also have a problem when brown guys go who are hot, go with them. I also am slightly upset when the brown girl is slightly good looking (rare for a brownie) and the brown guy is ugly ugghhh it's like i'm lost but i know i like white girl and sometimes get jealous when they go with other guys anyway i wanna get over this. Main thing is to hopefully let brown girls know they r not all that !!


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  • Wanna know where all the white girls are? In the mental hospital. Go check yourself in to get the hot, white babes.


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  • You need to be handsome, tall, built, big-dicked and rich.

    How tall are you?

    • i'm 5'7 brown an making my way up the social ladder an i have a blonde girl with blue eyes she is from Sweden

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    • Yeah, I would be jealous if it was true. But now, I don't know if it's true or not. So, I am not jealous assuming that the story is made up.

    • :) that comment shows u need help bro aren't u an Asian brother y u jealous

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  • indian girls are the uglies brownies out of all of them


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