I'm a bit annoyed and don't want to make the wrong decision. What at should my next move be?

So there's this guy, long story short I'm not sure how much he likes me but I know he really wants to sleep with me.
We haven't yet we've only hooked up a few times, but he knows I want to
Anyway, he's very obvious about how keen he is when he drinks, but not so much when he's sober to the point where I'm surprised when he tells me how keen he is
I messaged him today and asked if he wanted to hang tonight (pretty much assumed that sex would be involved haha) but he read it and didn't reply..
Now I realise he's busy and is probably preoccupied etc but it had been several hours and he even viewed my snapchat story without replying. I made a snap decision to message him and I told him he's only friendly when he's drunk.
And again... Read but no reply.
I don't get it! He was so keen last night and I know for a fact he isn't seeing anyone else. Even if he was busy he would say something right?

I hate to even double text but I'm pretty offended and annoyed me feels like saying something and telling him I won't bother him again. (Why should I sleep with someone who ignores me right?)
but I think I said enough.
I suck at ignoring people too
calm people who can think in both shoes illuminate this for me and tell me what I should do :) Am I overthinking or is he actually a dick?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Girl I think he's really thinking hard whether to do it with you or not.

    • No trust me he's been wanting to for months and was saying last night how much he wanted to
      Doesn't make sense lol but his loss I guess

    • Perhaps he's teasing you

What Girls Said 1

  • If a guy is really into you, no matter how busy he is he will find time!!! Or he will by any way possible contact you to explain why he didn't reply.
    End of story...
    I'm sorry but it's the number one rule to know about guys. My advice, screw him, don't message him again. Leave him and... don't sleep with him.

    • Correct. If he's into you.. he'll make time...

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    • Yeah I won't, the irrational part of me wants to say to him uh, you realise what would have happened tonight if you didn't ignore me right?
      Lol but I have some self control, I'll think it instead haha

    • Don't you get dare send him something like that... He won't even think of not hurting you!! He will use you like a bag and throw you away. You don't want to be the bag!! You want to be the content!!! The one that guys keep always by their side!! So just let him burn!!!

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