Girls who are 20+ would you get annoyed if a guy asked you if you've ever had a boyfriend?

would it annoy you if a guy you met asked you this (assuming you have in fact dated guys before)?


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  • It's just a question, it doesn't annoy me.


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  • Even though I'm not a girl, I'm 24 and I've never had a girlfriend, so I'll answer your question from my point of view.

    I wouldn't get annoyed if a girl asked me if I've ever had a boyfriend or not. Afterall, it's just a question. What does annoy me (which has happened before) are the following question which follow it, after I tell them I've never had a girlfriend.

    -"You must not be trying hard" (this couldn't be further from the truth."
    -"It's not because of your looks" (I never said it was.)
    -"You need to get you one" (As if I haven't tried. And I don't NEED to anyway.)
    -"You can't be picky" (I'm literally the LEAST pickiest guy I know.)
    -"Don't try so hard, let love come to you" (Well that sounds nice on a bumper sticker)

    Basically, I get annoyed when people assume something before they know why.

    • are you gay? because i notice you say 'I wouldn't get annoyed if a girl asked me if I've ever had a boyfriend'.

    • @Anonymous Obviously I'm not gay, or I wouldn't have mentioned a GIRL making those assumptions, now would I? It was clearly a mistake. I meant to say "girlfriend."

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  • I'd think it was a strange question..

  • Yeah it would annoy me...


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