Should I start?

A few nights ago , the guy that I like texted me "goodnight cutie" and I want to start calling him cute, and other names and complimenting him but I always have my gaurd up and he might not like me the way that I like him so I dont know if I should


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  • Way I see it there are two scenarios.
    A. He likes it and you guys start a relationship, bothi digging eavhother.
    B. He doesn't like it and you're back where you are.
    Lol does the risk equal the reward to you? Go out there, do you! And if he's not into you you can move on to the next a wholllle lot quicker

    • Lol im a bit neevous he usualy compliments me but I guess ill try

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    • Alright thanks he called me xute the other day but I noticed I never really compliment him so ill statt

    • Totally! Good luck :D

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  • Wait until y ou get to know each other better to call each o ther names

    • I've been knowing him for over a year.. im not sure

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  • just do it!

    • I dont want to start sayimg he is cute and complimening him and he doesn't even like me , I'll look stupid lol

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