Beautiful mothers vs children influence?

so I was reading some posts here and saw that someone pointed out that people generally go for an avarage men/women because they feel intimidated or not worthy of a beautiful ones. that the reasons of this thought are their mothers and education they give, means that mothers raise their children with the idea of them being average and nothing special.
I was curious, what about model mothers, really beautiful mothers. do they raise their daughters, children with the idea that they're beautiful and therefore they deserve someone really handsome, above average?
your opinions.


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  • my mom is really beautiful. not saying that because she's my mom, it's just a fact that everyone states. she actually encourages me to NOT be superficial... actually, she thinks super handsome guys are prone to cheating so she values a guy's personality way more than his looks. my mom never told me it was important to be beautiful. i wish she did, because i would have been better prepared for dating and whatnot and i would have spent way less time buried in books and more time learning about make up and fashion and whatnot. she doesn't talk about beauty that much at all, she just... really always wanted me to be smart, determined, and ambitious. i suppose she thinks i deserve someone smart and ambitious. but not necessarily handsome or above average.

    • i think what she failed to recognize is that men, regardless of their own looks and regardless of their ambitions or smarts... all prefer a beautiful woman over anything else.

    • my really pretty mom, raised me the same way. and now she asks me "what did I do wrong, why don't you like make up or dress like me". she's so preppy... but I love her. and yes, i wish i was more into style and not just nerdy stuff, about men i agree totally.

    • honestly, beautiful people don't get it lol. she was just always that way. she doesn't get the "trying to be" aspect of it. i love my mom too, she's adorable. but seriously. i wish i knew more about how to look glamorous as opposed to... how to culture cells on an agar plate. lolol.

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  • My mom just raised me to be different. She showed me the importance of having a beautiful soul and why it was better to be attractive in nature in the long run. I know when it comes to looks I don't compare, but that's alright

  • I know not all mothers are the same, but normally mothers do the opposite, they tend to boost up their children confidence and tell them they are handsome/beautiful even when they are not just to make them feel better, though they shouldn't really do that, instead they should teach their children that looks isn't everything in life, that the most important thing is how one is on the inside

    • hm. i was never told im pretty by my mom, other people close to family, friends yes. never my mom.

    • No? Most mums see their children as the most beautiful even if they're not

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