Does my ex want me back or not?

In the last week or so, my ex has gone out of his way to come and get me and walk with me to our intramural game. After, he waited for me and walked with me instead of his group.

He has also been flirting a little. He asked if another guy was interested in me. And the other day he sat next to me when we went out to lunch with mutual friends.

It's been 2 months since he broke off our 1 year 7 months together.

However, right after the break up he got a crush on another girl. (I'm pretty sure it was rebound and not that he left me for her). They hung out for a few weeks, but she refuses to date him, so she cut him off for a while.

But tonight, they were hanging out again, after all those things he did in the last week that made it seem like he wanted me back.

I'm so confused. What is going on?

He says he loves the other girl now.


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  • i think he's trying to be with you, maybe as a friend. is he doing anything that might be more than friends with you? you can talk to him and ask him directly or just analyze how his actions are . I wouldnt' take him back right away if I were you if you're planning on taking himback

    • No, he isn't doing anything that might be more than friends. He did make a comment to someone weeks ago that if he and I got back together, he could see us married. But that doesn't necessarily mean he want to be with me.

      Why was he quiet on the walk back? Why is he acting different (more irritated) now?

  • He is definitely just lonely. He wanted to end the relationship, but he's become dependent on being in a relationship, and he's not really knowing what to do with himself. Honestly, I'd give it some space for a while: don't be his rebound rebound :P You deserve a guy where you are his FIRST choice, not just the option he goes back to after he doesn't find anything 'better' right away.

    • Yeah, I've given it space it's been like 2 and a half months.

      And I thought maybe he was finally coming around, but apparently not.

    • Should I ask him why he went out of his way to walk with me? And if he says anything that isn't "I still love you," should I tell him to leave me alone?

      I already told him to basically leave me alone, unless he had feelings, like over a month ago. And then I tried to act like I was moving on and could be cool about it all. So, would this be a backwards step?