Should I give it a go?

I met this guy who is like totally different from me. He is fancy and he likes sports, we don't listen the same type of music and we don't go out on same types of places. I don't think we have anything in common at all lol. But he is very funny and interesting. I am phisically attracted to him and I we kinda click on communication, simply love spending time with him. I don't know him very well yet, but I kinda don't like his friends and I am sure he wouldn't like my friends either since we are two different worlds. I always dated guys who are similar to me, I liked the "oh I also like that!", not the "nah I don't really like that" matchups. This guy treats me really nice but I'm not sure if our differences are gonna get in the way later?


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  • hahahha personally tbh i consider music a big thing and i'd find it really ahrd 2 date a girl with a totally diffeent taste

    but if u both consider music a minor thing... it won't be some prob basically


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  • Give it a shot. What's the worst that can happen?


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