Girls, would you find an overly sensitive guy attractive?


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  • Nope. I find it really draining to be with someone who has very high emotional needs. I don't want a guy who pretends he has no feelings at all, but I've dated guys before who are overly sensitive and are easily hurt/offended, insecure, etc and it's just not worth it.. I can't stand feeling like I have to constantly reassure him. It's like, "you're a big boy. Now fuckin act like it!"

    • Nah. I'm certainly not like that who needs assurance every time. But yeah sometimes it hurts. I mean small things but sometimes. That's not a big deal by the way.

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  • What do you mean by overly sensitive?

    • This girl i was texting with says we're friends. But few days ago i met her. Flirted with her. She liked it. So i explained how good i felt but i think i turned her off.

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    • Yeah. I'm feeling you girl. Dropping ego. And that child part was awesome. I shouldn't mope about how am i feeling. Just tell her what I'm going through and that's the end of the topic. Right?

    • Yeah there's nothing wrong with having feelings or a guy being upset/moved by any means, it's just when it goes overboard - which applies to girls too trust me.

  • Yeah we can both openly cry about the book thief together.

  • I like to joke around a lot.


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