Now he's calling me "sweetie"?

This guy and I have been having “issues” that I really don’t want to go into here. Cliff notes are…

I met this man 9 months ago. We were dating in the beginning. I asked him if we were just casual and he said “I don’t know”. Whenever he has emotional issues, he calls me to comfort him. We started to get very close and I developed feelings for him. He’s told me before that he likes me as well.

Since I’ve known him he’s called me sweet girl, darlin’ (his favorite), baby and boo. We’ve “broken up” twice, once because he said he didn’t want a relationship and again when he said he did but treated me like shit and I cussed him out. Now he wants to be friends because I’m such a “great person”.

When I was breaking up with him the second time I made fun of for him calling me darlin’ and since then he’s stopped calling me this.

Now he’s calls me sweetie.

I’m wondering (I pretty much know the answer) if at some point he’s going to try to get back together with me. You would think if some has made fun of you (and not in a good way) for calling them a pet name you would stop, right?


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  • He stopped calling you "darlin" because it seems as if you were sort of mocking him. In the past girls probably smiled or blushed when he said that and to see your reaction to it, he thinks that you do not care for the pet name and decided on calling you sweetie instead.
    There is a chance that he may try to get back together with you in the future. However, I wouldn't advise you to get your hopes up because he could have been made you numero uno earlier on.
    Plus, you do not want to be on standby for someone all because they call you sweet pet names... He should know where you guys stand at this point and time.
    Good luck.


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  • you better of trying to stay friends. You re kinda on different pages with all these pet names. You seem try to adjust to one another rather being in love. Good luck!


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