Guy tells me to pull up my shirt?

I've known this guy for over a year, and only recently did he ask to be official with me, after several months of being just friends. Obviously, we know each other very well, and by now, knows my style of dress pretty well, and how I carry myself as a whole.
I'm a very small girl, just over 5feet and around 95lbs. While I do not have much more than an A/B cup, I typically wear low cut shirts and I don't mind revealing whatever cleavage I do have.
He's always jokingly told me to "cover up" or "put some clothes on" but as of late its become more of a thing. Why is this? Is my dress problematic because we are now "together"?


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  • Sounds like he might be jealous of other guys looking at you.

    • But isn't it a natural thing to look? I check out guys, and I know he'll still check out a hot chick. We may be committed but we aren't blind
      And (this is not meant to sound cocky) he knows I get approached by guys, he's walked onto situations like that a few times, so why is it suddenly such a big deal for me to cover up and not mingle?

    • It's in your question: "only recently did he ask to be official with me"

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  • Yeah, could be. He doesn't want other guys to be ogling you.


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  • if u wanna take risk. show that his joke is not that funny. if he is just joking, then he will cut on joking about it. if he is not, then he will find his way to approach u about it.


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