Does he just wants to hook up?

there's this guy i started seeing we went to the movies and we talked he didn't make a move on me and the second time we saw each other he kissed me and we started make out he then tells me that he doesn't sleep with other women and that he likes me i called him a liar and he said "no its true, when i would i have time for other women? and whenever u hit me up im always down to hang out if i was with other women i wouldn't say yes to you" so then he asked me if i was on the pill i guess because we were getting really into it and i told him no and i didn't wanna do it and he said "its fine we can do it whenever ur ready, tomorrow or next week or next month" and it caught me a little by surprise because at first i thought he liked me as in dating but now im thinking he just wants a hook up?


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  • He does he might not want nothing serious with you

  • he definitely want to hook up


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