Why does he act like this? HELP?

i met a guy nearly a year ago who was truly everything I ever wanted in someone... Almost strange bc I never thought a guy like him existed & I would meet him. We met and everything was great we had such strong feelings for each other ( never sexual) & just were so compatible. Then he blocked me & disappeared out of the blue , every few months he would unblock me and see how I was doing or I would get a new number and try to contact him ( bc I travel a lot not for him). Recently, I've been thinking about him so much honestly if I met another guy like that I could move on but it's difficult because I'm finding it difficult to find what I want in a match.

Weirdly enough, a couple days ago he unblocked me and asked where I was & we talked about him coming to the city I live in a few months.. I ended up getting angry at something he said & hung up and didn't answer his next call. He immediately tweeted " my old life is over now." Something like that but in a dif language but to say this phrase you have to care deeply about someone. Then he wrote about praying to be a stronger person when life is hard..

I messaged him tonight asking why he messaged me about coming to my city months before he actually did, he immediately called me & played it off like it was nothing and that he has no feelings for me anymore & didn't call bc he missed me.. He actually said this which I found strange because I never hinted at it , he was overly defensive.

I was unsure for a while but now I feel certain he cares a lot about me & doesn't want to or is afraid to.. He's always defensive and trying to prove to me he's strong which is showing me he is trying to keep from breaking down.

What are your thoughts on this situation?


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  • He sounds pretty immature. I'm not sure how you find him to be so amazing..

  • Run girly run. Block him yourself and review your ideal match traits against your values. He is playing you as he pleased, by manipulating you and allowing you to speak with him only when he wants it. By the sound of your story there is something not quite right about this guy. By any chance have you spoke to him about how much he matches your "ideal man type" or given him this idea of your. If so you have open all of your cards and possibly projected your fantasies on someone who isn't mentally capable and or stable to be with you.

    Put it simple he sounds like big troubles


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