Did I make a a mistake sending him this message?

This guy has been so keen for months, even last night he was telling me.
I messaged him yesterday and asked if he wanted to hang tonight. Several hours went by and he didn't reply, but was active on Facebook and snapchat...
Rude hey... and confusing.
Anyway I messaged before I slept: Hun look if you're busy or not keen I don't mind. I just wanted to have some fun tonight
If you're mad at me or something I'd prefer to know, otherwise I feel like an idiot messaging you. Take care

i just wanted to be honest. Like I only wanted to have fun and we were finally going to but he ignores me? It's really mean and not ok. Even just 'I'm busy sorry' would have been fine.
He hasn't read the last message I sent, but I don't know if it was the right thing to do being honest or if it was too hasty.
Guys if this happened to you with a girl you had wanted to sleep with for months what would you think?


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  • Nothing wrong with what you said.

    Normally this happens to guys where some girls play a texting game which often leads to nothing happening.

    The person who doesn't respond in a timely manner is being disrespectful especially since it doesn't take that long to reply to a text.

    Only thing is if he was on fb asking his friends in how best to respond to you lol.

    But still then your second message made it easier for him.

    If you really like him you could give it another shot, but you did nothing wrong.

    Could you help me on my two pls? I'm looking for some opinion as well as voting..



    • Lol what do you mean give it another shot? I ended it with take care and he ignored me!
      Who does that to a girl you've wanted to have sex with for months haha!
      Do you mean wait a few days or something?

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    • So my message is marked as read now and he hasn't replied :(
      I have my house to myself tonight but I can't booty call a guy who ignores me but ugh, silly guy

    • You deserve better. doesn't take long to reply to a message, leave him

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  • Weird
    Even if he just wanted to have sex with you and nothing else I'm not sure why he would not reply
    See how he responds to that message and go from there

    • He hasn't replied ugh.
      If he messages me in the future should I just ignore?

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  • You were honest. I see nothing wrong with that. He was rude.

    • Thanks
      I wanted it to come across honest but like you've lost your chance unless you have a good excuse, but not in an angry way
      Its strange that he'd ignore me but I guess if he ignores this too ill just move on

  • I think it was the right thing to do

    • Thanks
      Adding 'take care' is universally pretty final hey?

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