What should you do when your crush has a crush on someone else?

Okay so my crush has a crush on someone else And he talks a lot about her through texting with me and is always asking for advice how to start a conversation with her. I get really jealous. What should i do when he talks about her? Any serious advice how to not let him know that i am jealous?


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  • Tell him that it hurts having this kind of conversations about the other girl. Tell him you are willing to talk things with him, but not about his feelings for the other girl. He is hurting you and you have to let him know, why hide it? This is not jealousy, this is you trying to protect yourself.

    • But then isn't this going to affect our friendship?

    • friendship. that is the word. If he sees you as (at least) a friend he would understand how you feel and accept it. Why be willing to take a beating for him? You have to realize that if you do not tell him it hurts, he will keep talking about that girl all day long and it will slowly but surely destroy you. Does not sound like a healthy friendship to me.

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  • To be honest I'd tell him that I can't give him advice because I like him
    Honesty is always best
    Plus it's a fact that people like people who like them
    It's too hard on you to pretend you don't

    • But he is my ex so wouldn't that be awkward?

    • Oh then he shouldn't be asking for your advice in the first place, that's so disrespectful

    • I know but we dated like 3 years ago...

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  • Personally, distance yourself from it, if you're there giving all this help for him and another girl that's going to push you further and further into his friendzone. It may be down to just telling him how you feel especially if you have feelings, he knows it'll be unfair to ask you, a girl that likes him, for advide on another girl, so he'll stop.

    • But thats the thing.. i try so much to not to talk to him and ignore his messages but thats just not possible right away :(

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  • Hope that it doesn't last long with her.

    • Hahaha fingers crossed! :p but how to act when he talks about her and asks for advice?

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    • Thank you! :)

    • Any time!

  • Just tell him flat out.

    • What do you mean?

    • Just be like hey you know I'm low key crushing on you and I get jealous when you talk about the other girl

  • Let it be
    It's not meant to be

    • I know but i still get jealous and i try not to but it will take some time i guess... but meanwhile when he talks what should i do?

    • I know girl, it hurts a lot
      Just give him advice and let him be happy

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