Guy sends me this message, what should i reply? help needed?

So This and me, I knew he had feelings for me, but he never would reach out and it was always me doing the messaging, I decided to pull right back wanted to see if he would make an effort towards me. I got a message, he asked how we're things with me, and I said I had been busy helping out a friend, I said I need to relax now, need some sun, and unwind (hes long distance from me), I then got a message yes exactly and need you as well, I didn't say anything, then got another message are you planning to come here baby, I am wondering what I should reply with, I don't want to give too much, and it go back to him taking me for granted, and him not making an effort, also I want him to open up to me properly, and elaborate, what should I say back?


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  • Yes do it. Make a move otherwise, none of you would do it.


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  • The fact he's messaged you means he knows he's done something wrong but if you reply that you want to hang out he won't admit to this and it'll probably shift back to the same as before. I think you need to stress that you have a life outside him maybe say that actually you think your just going to relax a bit at home. If he asks if somethings wrong then explain. Otherwise wait for him to chase you up again so he knows how he's made you feel.


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