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I have been talking to this girl we hangout three times already we went to dinner we watched movies and she slept here one night! I know we're not official so it's not that she's talking to other guys that is the problem it's that she is going to other guys houses getting drunk and calling me to pick her up! She tells me oh I made a mistake I'm don't talking to these guys I'm too good for this and the next few days she's texting me saying she's gone when she's not should I just drop her and let go or what
I meant she's texting me she is home and she's not


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  • If she's lying, she's not a good friend and you should cut things off.

    But if you're not in an official relationship yet, then technically, what she's doing isn't wrong. You can't really dictate a girl's actions, they'll hate that.

    From the looks of things, you just have to decide if she's worth it. I think she might be taking advantage of your kindness, but if you feel a connection to this girl, then you just have to cut to the chase and tell her so she'll stop doing these things.


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  • How bad you want her to be yours? if you want her so bad then fight for it. If you think she not worth, then let her go.

  • How old is she?

    • She's 28

    • She's pretty immature for her age. Have a conversation with her and explain to her how her behavior makes you feel. but if things don't improve drop her.

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