Girls, Running out of time, help? Why do you think she would look over at me that way?

There's this girl I barely know but for some reason seem to be obsessed with. I'm sure she used to like me years ago. I still see her around a lot and think if I should say something.

I saw her recently again. Would it be weird to message her online and ask her if she was at the same place I was? For background, she didn't remember me when I tried that before (private message on Twitter) because I didn't have a picture up. I also said I think she liked me...

Now that I have a picture I'm curious to know if she remembers me and may be interested (even as friends for now) The complication is I think she has a boyfriend but when I saw her recently she was looking over like she wanted me to say something. I wanted to go over but I had no idea what to say and didn't want to embarrass myself again. What should I do? I keep thinking there must be some reason I keep running into her (from far away) after all these years.

Why do you think she would look over at me that way?
  • She likes me but doesn't want to approach?
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  • She still likes me but wasn't sure if it was me?
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  • She used to like me but not anymore?
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  • No know what's on her mind expect her so go up to her and say we got to talk and tell her the same thing can we friends and do you want o say something cause you seem you do
    there Done is not going to hurt if you just approach her

    • Well how do I do that online now since I chickened out?

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    • Sorry for late response had to do something OK
      you go to her account and see a subject that you see her passion about and say something about that subject and then from there you talk to her the rest is up to you

    • OK I know your nervous and little scared but it's very simple for this situation just say hi
      how are you oh I like this I have passion for it too blah blah blah etc.

      If I knew you I would just take your phone go to her account and text her that's it and talk something she likes and then I'll tell you and give you the phone back so you have to be nervous to take the first step cause I already did for you if I knew you

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What Girls Said 3

  • No. It's not weird. Just ask her if she was at that place. There's also no way to know if she's interested UNLESS if you ask her out. Speculating is useless.

    • I've maybe said hi to her once lol, but I know her a bit about her because we had classes together and mutual friends. That's why I think it's weird.

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    • Then let it go. Would you like another man to try and take your girl? I don't think so.

    • No, but people are in relationships with people they don't like that much all the time just to be with someone. It doesn't mean she doesn't like me or anyone else for that matter, she's just with someone now.

      Do you think there's any way we can be friends? I already told her I think she used to like me...

  • She probably recognized you and thought why is he not approaching me.

    • Well how do I do that online now since I chickened out?

    • Message her which ever way you can. Tell her that you thought you saw her but were not sure and ask if it was her.

    • That wouldn't creep you out? What would I say after that? I kind of want to meet her in person since I don't think she would recognize me from pictures. I think she has a boyfriend...

  • Talk to her:). Quit second guessing yourself:)

    • Yeah, just not really sure how to do it online since we were never close...

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