If a guy texts you everyday and wants to know what you're doing on the weekends, does it mean he has feelings?

So i've been dating a guy for 9 months. But i still don't know what he feels for me because we never talked about our feelings for eachother. He contacts me everyday usually initiates. When we don't hangout on weekends he always texts me to know what i'm doing and who i'm with. Does this mean he has feelings for me?


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  • Um, what more do you want? A nuclear missile strike?


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  • Dating him for 9 months. (So seeing each other, but not on that milestone where you guys are exclusive?) I guess so, I mean he may ask you what you are doing on the weekends to get an idea of your not doing anything that he would hang out with you. It does sound like something's there. Talk about each other's feelings. And it could start being exclusive.

    • Thanks for your answer! We're pretty much exclusive and we're not seeing other people. But we never talked about being bf/gf. He has commitment issues. Like he's scared to be in a relationship so i'm trying not to put pressure on him :/

    • No problemo :) you guys are something but without the title of being gf/bf (because of that commitment issue he currently has) otherwise I see no problem in talking about the feelings that is currently there. Don't mention about starting a relationship, just ask him if he's got genuine romantic feelings for you, and state yours. As long as you both are feeling the same way, ideally it's like being in a relationship but just without the title 😊

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  • Yes. I don't know if feelings but at least interest.


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