Drunk messaged a guy and I immediately regret it! Does this sound bad?

So he ignored a message yesterday asking if he wanted to hang out Not sure why because he was keen before that Anyway! I've has quite a few drinks and said this: This mighttt be the wine talking since I assume we're enemies for some reason, but I couldn't help notice that I'd like to have sex with you Just putting it right out there 😛 Lol not that drunk that I can't type obviously but a lapse of judgement followed by panic has just happened. Not sure what my question is lol but cringing :( does it look weird/clingy now? Lol
The messages ends at the 😛 face by the way
Weird typing


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  • It's not a bad thing if he feels the same way. If he doesn't, he'll just ignore that as well. I wouldn't sweat it too much.

    • I thought he did until yesterday
      At least I've put myself right out there anyway lol

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