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ok so I really like my bestfriend and she already knows but we're just friends, I want to be able to avoid her for a while to get over my feelings but it's not possible because we're friends with the same people so she's always out when I am, but recently she's started seeing another guy who comes out and I really can't handle it, I can't tell her to stop it's not fair on her so I don't know what to do


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  • If she's really your friend and knows of your feelings for her then she should be respectful enough not to flaunt her new relationship in your face. You should tell her it bothers you a bit and ask if she can cool it when you're around. I don't see anything wrong with taking a time out from seeing her all the time, perhaps you can ask her for some time without seeing each other while you get over her? and maybe spend one on one time with other friends so you aren't missing out.
    hope it all works out!


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