What girls want and what girls choose. Is their a difference?

(Most) girls will say that they don't want asshole or a player, which makes sense who would 'want' that. But that doesn't mean those aren't the type of guys they end up going for.

Time for a cold shower...
Anyone else?


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  • Well yeah, but I don't know about others but I'm kind of attracted to jerks but being a jerk doesn't always make you a player. Girls over think things and end up regretting most of the decisions they make. But in case of guys, we do choose wisely, by looking at the facts in him that we want.


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  • The thing with the assholes and players is that they approach the girl and shows he is interested in her while the "nice guy" sits in the corner crying , being all insecure, depressed and talking smack about the guy then going off saying why do women always choose the Asshole. when he has never even made the effort to approach her and tell her his feelings for her

    P. s just because the guy is confident and gets the girl doesn't mean he's an asshole

    • " just because the guy is confident and gets the girl doesn't mean he's an asshole"

      Did say otherwise? I'm not saying girls choose assholes, or even that they shouldn't.

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    • Just like if you're out car shopping you want a reliable car, but you might choose a car that you think is reliable (but turns out not to be). An asshole isn't what she wants but he may seem to her to be what she wants.

    • You also have to take into consideration that most of these nice guys always tend to call guys jerks or assholes because they got the girl if thats not what you meant then okay just trying to get things clear

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