How to tell this guy that I don't want to text all the time?

Last sat I met a guy on a dating website, hit it off well exchanged numbers the next day, and started whatsapping. He works full time and can't use his phone while working so that's fine, except the only other time he doesn't text is when he's asleep and sporadically when he's with friends.

I met him today and he was nice, no lies and all. Conversation was easy, I don't know if it'll turn into anything more or just stay friends, but would definitely like to meet him again.
B ut today even after we both got back home he keeps on texting. I liked to text and know how it went but this is too much. I can't go on whatsapp to tell my girlfriend how it went without him sending a message n i don't want to ignore when he can see im online. How do I tell him its too much? He's a sweet shy guy so don't want to hurt him.


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  • Just tell him you like him but to take the messaging slower as he will understand he probably is eager a he doesn't want to lose out.


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  • Just don't reply straight away, slow the conversation down. If he questions the fact you showed up as online tell him the truth, that you were chatting to someone else, a girlfriend or something. If he gets annoyed at that then I'd say he is a little clingy and in that case letting him know you aren't stopping everything to reply to his text may be a good thing.

    • Makes much more sense the way you put it than I did

    • Just never dealt with this kind of issue before, I used to be the one to text loads with other guys

    • He's probably on his own at home and just likes chatting to you all night, but it can get exhausting when you're having to text someone back constantly so just get him used to not replying every thirty seconds :)

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  • Don't ignore him, just be honest. Tell him that you're busy and you have stuff to do, or plain and simple tell him you're going on radio silence for a bit because your girl wants to chat and that you'll talk to him later. If he keeps pushing it, just tell him that it's too much.

  • Just don't answer as fast as he texts. By texting him back straight away your telling him that you want to text and are free to text.

    • That's so hard for me to do, but will try

    • Why is it hard? Just don't look at the text if it helps.

  • Just tell him you can't talk today as you're busy with stuff.


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