Girls, Do you think I'm falling for this guy or it's just an infatuation?

I made out with this guy who was very sweet in talks and everythin. But I've started thinking too much 'bout him , as in I think 'bout him and I masturbate! And I get overly excited when he texts/calls me or flirts with me ! And I get butter flies in my stomach when he appreciates me and my looks and everything! Does this mean I'm falling for him or I'm only sexually attracted towards him?
And I just broke up with my ex so I'm afraid I don't wanna get hurt again!
But we both got really cozy with each other on our first meeting ! And I enjoy talking to him and I wanna spend more time with him , he's older to me, he's 24 and I've just turned 19, will things work out with me?
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  • No, it's sexual attraction
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What Girls Said 3

  • infatuated, when you spend more time with him you will probablyget over it. happened to be plenty of times

  • You're just too hormonal about him, and definitely not in love; learn the difference

  • If that's not love, then what is? Please can the other 2 opinion owners explain further what they mean?


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