Girl weird after first date?

We met 3 weeks back at a party, started talking and I told her that I'll take her on a date, she laughed and agreed. Week went by and I gave her the details. She kindly accepted. We texted and it seemed like we both started to like each other, she even made her status a heart emoji. Day of the date she sounded excited. Both said were going to see someone cute that night etc. Those flirt like messages. Hours pass and its date time! She enjoys her time and laughs at my jokes, she gets close and keeps touching me. In the movie we held each other (handwise aswell as cuddling). Date ends and I walk her to her car, we greet and we kiss, NOT make out, but kissing without tongue. She drives off. After the date I realized her attitude changed, she made her status a heart again, but her profile picture about She's not like the other girls... I only dated 1 other girl before this. When we speak she keeps it short and takes hours to reply, funny thing though, when we started texting she said guys give up to easy, she also said she likes someone thats in control. Also, she wants a second date? I'm SO CONFUSED. Any advice?


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  • She just likes playing hard to get to an extent it seems. She doesn't want to appear easy and just make herself that readily available to you yet. She wants to take things slow and make you earn her total attention and affections; which is a smart policy on her end really. Too many people jump headfirst into full-on committed relationships, which I know from personal experience is a mistake. You're good if she wanted a second date though man, just be yourself and make sure you show her a good enough time to warrant a third date.


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  • She don't want to be too easy to get. She wanted a second date so you're fine.

    Practice the 3 C's : Confident, Control, and Challenge.

  • no future for you two. sorry beta friend, she doesn't even want to sshare the air you exhale.


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