What to say to this girl on a dating site?

The other week I was ata restaurant and this really hot waitress served us. She came across really nice, and she gave me nice looks a few times. However I chickened out and didn't talk to her at the end, apart fro, to say Thank you. Well the other day I came across her on POF. I feel really lucky to have seen her, but I dont know what to say as my first message. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Most Helpful Girl

  • mention seeing her at the restaurant, then crack some jokes on it.

    • Everyone else thinks tat that will be creepy

Most Helpful Guy

  • whoa!!! don't dude!!! don't...

    she might consider u a creep, and she'll ask how the hell u found her profile basically!

    • its because I searched for girls in my area and she came up, because she is in my area

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What Girls Said 1

  • hmm it might seem weird, is there any possible way you can say you found her?

    • Well I was just bored one night so i was browsing POF, i searched for girls in my area and she came up. I wasn't looking for her, id actually forgotten about her until I saw her on the site

    • then i would add her deff and if she asks say you didn't even know it was her

What Guys Said 1

  • DO NOT mention the restaurant. Later on, after you get to know each other better, she'll tell you where you works, you can tell her you've eaten there before, etc. You'll be off the hook that way.


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