Should I date this 'separated' guy?

He told me he is separated and doesn't want to divorce his wife now because his child is young. I don't buy this, but I like that he told me now even if he could hide it easily (we don't live in same city). He seems a great guy, but I can't be in the life of a man in this situation. I told him so and he asked me to think.

Guys I need your help.


Most Helpful Guy

  • If he's married with a kid and entertaining the idea of leaving and talking to another woman AND you're going along with it. You deserve each other.

    • We haven't started dating yet. He said so even before date 1. And yes I am dumping him for this reason. Thanks.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It's not a good long term situation. If things are bad enough that they've seperated it doesn't matter if they're only staying together for the kid. They're only delaying the inevitable and making things messier in the interim. If you stay with him you could get dragged into their mess and become a sticking point.


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  • ughhhh i guess he does it 4 the sake of his kid then... so better leave him.. at least 4 the time being :-)


What Girls Said 1

  • Nah. Seems like a shady, problematic situation that will ultimately take a toll on your happiness and peace. This is one of those romances that will end up draining you and causing trouble. Your future self most likely won't thank you for doing that.


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